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Frequently Asked


Living the dream

What about the size of the hot tubs and access? The size of the tubs isn't an issue as they come collapsed in a box, and are assembled on site, as long as there is enough space to be erected, and the ground can support the weight. You will need a space of 2.5 metres by 2.5 metres. If unsure please ask.


Does the hot tub come with seats? Unfortunatly the hot tub does not come with seats due to it being portable, there is a foam head rest around the tub and you can use inflatable cushions just fill them with water. Traditional hot tub/spas do not have seating, you will find you have 3x more space with no seats.


When can I book a hot tub? The sooner the better, our hot tubs are available all year round. 

Inflatable tubs vs our hot tubs? Our hot tubs are mid range, the full size tubs with loungers etc are the top end range and the inflatables are the bottom end range, a couple of examples of why ours are better -  ours have heated bubbles - most inflatables do not and our filters are three times bigger giving more usage between each filter change, ours are solid and take alot more heavy use.

Home Is Where The Hot Tub Is

What do I need to hire a hot tub? All you need is a hose and water supply and a plug socket within 15 metres, we will supply a cable that has been PAT tested only, we cannot use anyones equipment.

When can I start using the hot tub? It takes roughly 48hrs to heat up. In months June, July and August it will take 24hrs so we drop these off to you two days before your want to use it. If you have a boiler that will run hot water we can run a hose and fill it with hot water to use straight away, we have all hoses and fittings.


Can we provide the hot water? Not yet but this is something that will be available soon.


How many people can fit in the hot tub? As many as you want to try really. But Hot Tub Hire UK say 6-7 should be fine.

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Hot Tub Hire UK - Making Waves

How much do the tubs weigh when full? Anywhere upto 1500kg plus people, holding upto 1600 litres of water.


If I use a water meter how much will this cost me? You will have to check with your water supplier as all companies charge a different amount, the hot tubs use 1500 litres of water.


Does the hot tub come with a cover? Yes the hot tub comes standard with a hard thermal cover, to keep the heat in and unwanted guests out.


How hot do the hot tubs get? And How deep? The hot tubs have a digital temperature control from 28-40 degrees - and the depth is 29 inches deep.

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